Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, everybody! ^^
Hope you're enjoying your holidays! :)
Shutendouji, the original manga Goumaden Shutendouji is based on, is now being scanlated by HappyScans!, Dynamic Pro Scanlations and Hokuto no Gun! :D
Please check it out!

Chapter 66 of Crows, our joint with Crimson Moon, was released a few days ago.
You can download it here.

We're releasing Goumaden ch12 (End of volume 2, w00t w00t!) and Night Head ch2.5 today.
Sorry for being late~! We desperately need typesetters.
2.1 & 2.2 were 2 parts of the same chapter (divided by us) and 2.5 is a mini chapter between 2 & 3.
Unfortunately, because people don't get our release policies, even after repeated announcements and even sending them messages personally, we're going to stop providing download links to our work indefinitely.
I'm sorry if this inconveniences people who wanted to download our scans. *bows*
You can still read our scans on Batoto though -
Night Head 2.5
Goumaden 12

Let's hope Santa's dropped some typesetters into our stockings or we're gonna have a late release again. :(
Or maybe you could join us and help us out! :D

GMSD 12 Download link


  1. Thank you very much for the updates and happy holidays to all staff.
    A question about Night Head had .. Chapter 2.5 would be a continuation after the 2.2. I ask to know where to locate.

  2. Yes. You'll find it at the link we've provided. :)