Thursday, 29 December 2011

Aries 4

Hello, everybody! Hope you had a fun Christmas. :D
2011 is going to get over in... 3 days! O__O
So are you happy or sad about it?
I personally can't wait for the year to get over. \o/
We've been a little sluggish lately and you can all blame it on the lack of typesetters we have!
Anybody willing to help out, please apply! It's cakewalk, you only need to copy paste text and arrange it in a bubble. =_=;
And I'm putting up download links again. I realized leechers are going to keep leeching anyway no matter what we do and it's stupid to let the other nicer readers suffer because of that. :/
But if you can please read on Batoto rather than MangaFox.
The site is classy, they don't resize images (so you don't need to squint to read text like on MF) and  they don't encourage leechers (I hope you're taking notes, MF). ^^
Download // Read online


  1. Thank you so much for Chapter 4 of Aries!!!
    I really enjoyed this chapter :D

  2. Thanks so much for picking up this series! Considering its age, I would have never thought that someone would pick it... so thanks again! =D

  3. Thanks so much for this series, I looooove greek mythology!!!
    This series is so old I was losing hope that someone would pick it up, so keep on going guys, thanks for the hard work!!!

  4. thanks guys we appreciate the support and we do plan to keep going with this series :)