Saturday, 17 December 2011

Night Head 2.2 & Aries 3

Release time!
Aries chapter 3 and Night Head chapter 2.2
And I'm repeating this again - Please do not upload our releases onto Mangafox.
It will be done by a KAIZOKU SCANZ STAFF MEMBER.
We had somebody upload Goumaden ch11 just seconds after I wrote all that stuff about respecting our release policy. =__=
Anyway, here's the releases-

Also, we're currently recruiting Japanese and Chinese translators. Please join us. ^^


  1. Thank you very much for Night Head ^_^

  2. Oh! Nice one for 'night had'! Thanks a lot!

  3. Thank you so much for Aries. This is one of my new favorite series; I enjoy it a lot!

  4. OMG OMG, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have really waited a long time till someone finally was gonna do Aries. And now you doo!
    thanks a lot, and keep up the good work :D

    Lots of love <3

  5. APissedOffPuertoRican17 December 2011 at 16:27

    I agree on the non-manga fox posting and it has already been done. I know who is doing it as well, and I am not afraid to name and shame. fourgiana, can you PLEASE stop doing this or I will look into a ban on mangafox. It is very disrespectful to the scanalation group especially after so many announcements following the matter. Please stop. Regards, an angry staff member.

  6. @APissedOffPuertoRican well thanks for your support but you cant get a ban at manga fox as the owners have taken away all the powers from the staff and it is in total chaos you cant really get them banned but thanks for the thought :)

  7. Thank you very much for Chapter 3 of Aries! :)

  8. Thank you everybody! :)

    @APissedOffPuertoRican - As hados said, there is little or no power left in the volunteer staff at MangaFox now. Thank you all the same, it's very nice to know there are people who respect policies out there. ^^

  9. Thank you so much! (And thanks for providing links to read on Batoto!)