Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wakasugita Hakushaku Fujin + Aries 5

So we have a oneshot release today, as a joint project with Natsu Scans, called The Forced Bride or Wakasugita Hakushaku Fujin. Info from mangaupdates can be found here.
Download link // Read online

And we have the 5th chapter of Aries!
Our favourite psycho villian is back! :D
Download link // Read online


  1. OMG 8D This Harlequin manga is awesome, thank you so much for translating it, I'd already downloaded the raws (which I don't usually do) cause it looked so good *-* You've really made my day, thanks so much :D

  2. Guys, you are getting quite prolific! Old jewels like Aries, seinen, odd-shoujos like Natsuzora (which is great, also!)... and now a josei, which ends up being a Harlequin! Great job, thanks so much!

  3. Thank you for Chapter 5 of Aries and this oneshot manga!!! ^_^

  4. @Janet - Translation credits to Natsu Scans, we were incharge of the editing. But thanks anyway! :)
    @Nan - Haha, yeah, we're a versatile group. ;)
    @Maria - Our pleasure. :D

  5. Hello, is it possible to upload this on another site? I can't download it! X( And I'm dying to read it! Please