Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Special Release - Poker King!

Hello everyone!

This is not KaizokuHime-boss-sama, but her lowly staff members, vyxsin and EmoDevo.
Together, we decided to undertake a new project, Poker King, with just us two! (How scary! :S)
If you have never heard of this before, have a read of its summary from MU:

Nikaido Hiroshi and his two brothers each inherit 100 million yen. Who will become the successor to the Nikaido Tycoon? None other than the son who uses the money the best. So how does young Hiroshi use his money well? Stocks? Of course not. He goes straight down to Vegas and starts playing poker.

Unfortunately we were not able to start from the beginning so we are starting from Volume 1 Chapter 6! Please go and have a read of the other chapters first and continue here!

We hope you like our work.


m(_ _)m <-- vyxsin m(._.)m <--- EmoDevo


  1. You guys are really cute >.<

  2. "lowly staff members"?! :O
    You're my bestest 2 staffers around!
    We wouldn't have made half our releases without you both! :D

    Everybody please read Poker King and support vyxsin & EmoDevo! :)

  3. Thank you thank you!

    Emo + vyx

  4. Thank you very much for the scans

  5. I look forward to the series, I read it and it looks to be intresting. Good luck to both of you!


  6. thank you for picking up this manga =)

  7. It look really good! Much better than the previous 5 chapters!! :)

  8. Replies
    1. Good pick up, I had wanted to do this years ago... but alas, I suffered a burned out... and quit....
      as for now, i have too much on my plate. this is a good series.