Monday, 5 December 2011

Announcement + Goumaden 10

First of, I must thank all of you for the recent overwhelming support! ^^
It's wonderful to read all your thanks. It fills me with renewed vigor to bring you more manga! :)
But(!), renewed vigor isn't enough to bring out more releases... You know what is?
Joining us.
We currently need japanese/chinese translators, editors and quality checkers.

So onto our real announcement -
We're picking up Crows. It's a joint with Crimson Moon Scans.
We're almost done with chapter 65, so expect a release sometime this or next week! :D

Now onto the release you've been waiting for so patiently!
Chapter 10: The Showdown feat. Snake Woman in baby form! (Kekeke~ So cute!)
Goumaden Shutendouji v2 c10

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