Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Goumaden Shutendouji 8

Hahaha, we're on a rollll. B)
We're most probably gonna start regular releases now.
Unfortunately, we NEED typesetters and cleaners for that!!
Please apply! Help us out! :D
So, onto our release - Chapter 8 tells us more about Douji's birth, blah blah, Snake Woman goes 'Kekeke', blah blah, and they manage to open the hell gate and shut it. Or do they really? O.o
Find out for yourself - Download.

And don't forget to apply, or we'll send some Shiki after you. >.<


  1. Thx, how many chapter is there since it's completed?

  2. There are 7 full volumes so thats about 50 chapters from memory :D